LMP Engineering

LMP Engineering has many years of experience working with and designing super sports cars and hyper cars as well as being deeply involved in motorsports. We are extremely passionate about your ideas and together with our knowledge, we can realize your dreams. Do you have a dream that feels strange or maybe too much? Most people have but very few have their dream relized because lack of either knowledge or competence are in the way. We can be your bridge towards your dream car.

We have something for everyone if you are interested in cars. Everything about construction and optimization of your sports car to new production kitcars. We also manufacture racing simulators to your home where you do not have to spend any expenses like service, repairs and expensive gasoline bills, just pure driving pleasure.

LMP Engineering do more than you can imagine when it comes to cars. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

lmp engineering caresto

Above is a picture of Caresto's Arkham Car that we helped build. Please see more information at Caresto.